mercoledì, gennaio 17, 2007


well these days
I wish I was 6 again
Oh make me a red cape
I wanna be Superman

you can paint that house a rainbow of colors
rip out the floorboards
replace the shutters but
that's my plastic in the dirt

whatever happened to my
whatever happened to my lunchbox
when came the day that it got
thrown away and don't you think I should have had some say
in that decision....

Satya at 5:01 PM


venerdì, gennaio 12, 2007


Funny when you’re small
The moon follows the car
There’s no one but you see
Hey, the moon is chasing me

Satya at 1:00 AM


sabato, dicembre 30, 2006


I'm writing you to
catch you up on places I've been
And you, You held this letter
probably got excited, but there's nothing else inside it
didn't have a camera by my side this time
hoping I would see the world through both my eyes
maybe I will tell you all about it when I'm
in the mood to lose my way with words

Today I finally overcame
tryin' to fit the world inside a picture frame
Maybe I will tell you all about it when I'm in the mood to
lose my way but let me say
You should have seen that sunrise with your own eyes
it brought me back to life
You'll be with me next time I go outside
no more three by fives
just no more three by fives...

Satya at 11:38 PM


lunedì, dicembre 18, 2006


We should take a ride tonight around the town
and look around at all the beautiful houses
something in the way that blue lights on a black night
can make you feel more
sometimes everybody, it seems to me, just wants to be
just like you and me..

No one wants to be alone at Christmas time
Come January we're frozen inside
Making new resolutions a hundred times
February, won't you be my valentine ?..

Satya at 11:42 AM


domenica, dicembre 10, 2006


Roll out down to midnight
Then roll on downtown til its light
Because tomorrow we may die
but tonight we are dancing in the faint light ..

Come on now
Stay up and make some memories
Yeah, with me.... now
how I love your pretty rock-roll kisses...

Satya at 3:46 AM


domenica, dicembre 03, 2006


Lovely lady, I will treat you sweetly..adore you
and its times like these, when my faith I feel.
I know, how, i love...

Satya at 12:40 AM


venerdì, dicembre 01, 2006


Its crazy, I'm thinking just knowing that the world is round.
I'm here I'm dancing on the ground.
Am I right side up or upside down, and is this real
or am I dreaming? ...

Satya at 9:23 PM


mercoledì, novembre 29, 2006


Lovely lady, I watch you breathe, God I want you so badly...
And I wonder this could tomorrow be so wondrous... as you there sleeping.

Lets go, drive till, the morning comes.
And watch the, sunrise, and fill our souls up.
Well drink some, wine till, we get drunk...

Satya at 10:25 PM


martedì, novembre 28, 2006


Crazy, is how it feels tonight.
Crazy, how you make it all alright.... love.
You crush me, with the things you do,
I do, for you anything too ...
Sitting, smoking, feeling high.
And in this, moment it feels so right...

Satya at 7:23 PM


sabato, novembre 18, 2006

For you I would crawl
Through the darkest dungeon
Climb a castle wall
If you're my Rapunzel
You let your hair down
Right in through your window
Good, they locked the door

Satya at 1:19 AM


venerdì, novembre 17, 2006

Up and down we go
From the top you push me
This is such a thrill
Lost in love and dancing
Shake your tambourine
You blow my head open
Of one thing I'm sure
I do my best for you
I do...

Satya at 1:17 AM


giovedì, novembre 16, 2006

Let's stop to get it going
Lost myself just thinking
'Bout the two of us
From each other drinking
Begin with the lips
Fingertips and kissing
Turn me inside out

Satya at 1:16 AM


mercoledì, novembre 15, 2006

open wide
All so good I'll eat you
Take me for a ride
In your sweet delicious,
Perfect, little mouth
There upon I linger
You will have no doubt
That I'll do my best for you
I do, love...

Satya at 1:14 AM


lunedì, ottobre 30, 2006

"Frankly my dear... i don't give a damn"

Satya at 10:15 AM


sabato, ottobre 28, 2006

"what do i know about diamonds ?... they come from antwerp don't they ? "

Satya at 5:47 AM


giovedì, ottobre 26, 2006

"whiskey.. in a whiskey "

Satya at 8:18 AM


martedì, ottobre 24, 2006

"Are you scared ?.. you should be !"

Satya at 11:25 AM


domenica, ottobre 22, 2006

"go ahead make my day"

Satya at 2:20 AM


venerdì, ottobre 20, 2006

Danke Michael !!

i still remember the day that changed formula one forever. I was a high school student and was attending a theater rehearsal. I had written my adaptation of a Shakespeare play and was darn excited about it. However Watching the same scene reenacted again and again can get pretty stale, so i picked up the newspaper. Ayrton senna had died and i did not know how to take this.He was the greatest driver and definitely my favorite , wether for his driving skills or off the track rebellion. That was the year when a 25 year old german named michael schumacher took his first formula one championship.

In the 1991 Belgian grand prix, Team jordan had suffered a setback when one of their driver's got jailed for assaulting a taxi driver. Schumacher had been extremely impressive at the silverstone tests a week before and was lapped up by Eddie jordan. Schumacher reportedly convinced Jordan that he had vast experience at the track, though he had driven around it only once and that too on a bicycle. A year later at the same track schumacher had taken his maiden victory and finished the year ahead of the immortal senna. Such was schumacher's dominance during the 94 and 95 seasons that he won 17 races out of 31. After such laurels, no one expected him to sign up for Ferrari, a team which had won no races from 1991-1993. It did not take long for schumacher to prove himself, as he nail bitingly challenged jacques villeneuve for the title. similarly he challenged Mika hakkinen for the title in 1998 too. But it wasn't before the year 2000 that he would win the first of his many titles with Team Scuderia ferrari. the first driver's Title for ferrari since the year 1979.

The ferrari years have been what people from our generations have come to associate with the phrase "michael magic". No racing driver has mastered the art of perfectly timed qualifying like michael has. He will wait until all of his competitors' have done their laps or are on their laps and just at the last possible moment he will guide his scarlet car out of the pits and simply fly around the track. Such a sight it is to see the scarlet car take the last turn and head towards the start/finish line. The eyes are undecided, one wants to look at the car, one wants to look at the stop watch. And you know all is well and it's a wonderful world when steve slater, the star sports commentator would start shouting "Michael schumacher P1". It's still unbelievable for most to believe that one of the greatest driver ever, will not be gracing the starting grid next year. For people my age, this is probably the most beautiful formula 1 driving we will see for many many years to come. As sad as i feel that i would never be able to see schumi in a scarlet car prancing around monza. The last race of a great driver, Could the setting be more perfect.

The seasoned veteran has to win at all costs. If he wins this race his total career wins will be equal to Prost+senna's, undoubtedly two of the greatest. Then there is the young extremely lucky driver Alonso, who just needs a point to deny the victory to the great champion. What is it going to be ? Schumacher will take the win and somebody will take out alonso ? Or will the crucial First corner spell doom for Ferrari ? the battle for the WDC certainly isn't over yet.

Come this weekend. Make sure you sit in front of your TV and watch the brazilian grand prix. Do not blink or you might miss that single act of brilliance or stupidity from either of the drivers. And most importantly, this probably is your last chance of getting a glimpse of the michael magic. no matter how they try, it is going to be a very long time before we have another driver of schumacher's calibre gracing the podium. In a sport dominated by big bucks, who could predict that the son of a german bricklayer would go on to become Italy's favorite adopted son ? all 'coz he drives the red racing car better than everyone else.

Satya at 12:36 AM


lunedì, ottobre 16, 2006

"Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain't heard nothin' yet!"

Satya at 5:27 PM